Murderrrrrrrr – by Esha Agarwal

Jeanne worked for an investigation company. She was one of the best detectives in town and was an expert in her work. There was no such cone that Jeanne could not solve many would go as far as to say that she had divine strength and would do anything, anywhere to solve a case. Jeanne was once, very excited as her best friend Chelsea was getting married. Not only was she her childhood friend, but, also the one she could share all her secrets with. They had such a strong bond that no one could come between them. Chelsea was getting hitched to Jeanne’s elder brother, Max It was going to be a grand destination wedding in Paris. The first day was fixed for sightseeing. They visited the famous Eiffel tower, the river of the Seine, le Notre Dame, and much more. As they reached le Palais de Versailles, Jeanne felt that someone was keeping an eye on them. Her detective instincts got triggered and soon, she started to keep a suspicious eye on everyone. But soon, she ignored her instinct, thinking it was just something behind the bushes. It was three days to the wedding, the night of the rehearsal dinner. Everything was going just as planned. It was Jeanne’s turn to give a speech when suddenly the chandelier broke off the ceiling and fell just before her eyes, she was started as the chandelier almost hit her. There was chaos all over the place. Soon, it was the engagement day, As Jeanne entered the ballroom with her first cousin, her cousin’s dress woi stuck to the door by a broken piece of glass lothered with blood. Everybody was terrified, the only question was- Whose blood was it? Unfortunately, because of all the hustle, Jeanne was not able to investigate. Now, it was the night before the wedding the bachelorette party. As they were heading home, something horrible happened. There was blood all around a knife in the stomach of a girl. The crowd of Paris got away with this heinous crime. CHELSEA WAS KILLED!

Chelsea’s murder made Jeanne determined to find out all the hidden facts. Jeanne, soon, connected all the dots. On the sightseeing day, she thought someone was keeping an eye on them as she heard a rustie from behind the bushes but got relieved that it was Mr. Sebastian, Chelsea’s uncle tying his shoelace At the rehearsal party, everybody was present, right before the chandelier fell, except uncle, who went to the restroom, In the engagement as well, uncle looked relieved to find out that leanne wasn’t able to investigate At last, after the bachelorette, she felt as if she recognized someone in the crowd. Everything started making sense as Sebastian was the righteous nominee of Chelsea’s property after her death! Chelsea’s uncle had been so close to these two friends for 12 years that, she had disclosed all the doubtful happenings to him. A mistake she made. Indeed, realizing that her uncle was the murderer. Uncle got very anxious and called Jeanne into his room. Just as Jeanne opened the door, she was shot dead. He took her dead body and trenched it. Her body was buried but her soul couldn’t rest in peace since she wanted justice for herself and her best friend, she was the symbol of divine strength, becoming the supernatural and now, set out to kill Sebastian in the burning fire of revenge.

A month after Chelsea’s death Jeanne still could not expose Sebastian and take revenge of her own and her best friend’s death. Sebastian had put up a melodramatic show, that he is very sorry for Chelsea’s death and wants her property as her only memory. He started showing himself under bankruptcy and that he needs her property to pay off his debts. He says he will be more than happy to have Chelsea’s house and has requested the lawyers 10 transfer the property on his name The court was in his favor and was under his influence. They started to think about his request. Little does he know that leanne’s spirit is out to KILL HIM. She will not let uncle go before he pays back for Chelsea’s murder, leanne has been troubling Sebastian immensely ever since she was trenched by appearing in his dreams and troubling him even more day by day. She has not let him sleep all night by giving him horrible nightmares, ever since he filed the case. Sebastian could see her spirit many times during the day as well as at night As Sebastian was called in the courtroom he was threatened by Jeanne, that if he takes Chelsea’s property she will not spore him his life Sebastian was petrified, panting, and was left sweating He was so scared that he thought ghostly spirits were living in his house. He, therefore, hod to call phantom hunters to free his house from the ghosts ond to shoo his nightmares away.

The ghost hunters reached Sebastian’s house, but, Jeanne hypnotized them into saying that there is no existing spirit in his house. Jeanne’s threats did not stop him from taking over Chelsea’s property He was adamant and confident of grobbing the property and making a profit out of it. The court finally decided to approve his petition and gave Sebastian all her property. As Jeanne was a supernatural creature, she could not kill Sebastian with her own hands therefore, she made Chelsea’s house hounited to kill Sebastian os she sought revenge over him. As Sebastian moved into Chelsea’s house, Jeanne stopped troubling him. When he moved in, he felt peaceful at his new home, Jeanne planned to attack Sebastian suddenly to give him a shocking surprise. One night, she sobbed him with a knife, just the way he killed Chelsea, and thereafter used all the knives, forks, and sharp objects, made them float to go straight for Sebastian one by one, hitting him over and aver again, killing him very painfully, just as he deserved. Jeanne finally took revenge of her own and Chelsea’s death and let both of their souls rest in peace.

Jeanne’s soul was now content and slept forever in her grave.

Submitted by Esha Agarwal – a passionate and talented student of Grade-10. Esha loves to put words to her thoughts and imagination. Esha believes in putting no boundaries to imagination and often surprises her teachers with out of the box, relevant view points on every subject. She is a student with PurpleWest since her Grade-9 and has demonstrated brilliance of her creativity in all subjects.