Well Qualified & Experienced Faculty supported by Psychology experts

Our USP lies with our TEACHERS who hold Post Graduate and PhD degrees from reputed institutions and are supported by a team of student psychology experts.  This ecosystem has exceptional track record of getting great RESULTS even from mediocre students. A Snapshot of Faculty Members:

Senior Section:

Dr. Bani Chatterjee | holds M.Sc. – Organic Chemistry (Gold Medalist) and PhD – Applied Chemistry degrees from Kanpur University and IIT-Kanpur respectively. She has an exceptional track record of over 18 years of transforming mediocre students to brilliant ones. Her students turn out to be top rankers in JEE & NEET. Superb command on subject matter coupled with sensitivity towards student psychology and a humble behavior make her an ideal teacher. She can be reached on chemistry@purplewest.in

Prof. Raj Singh | Masters in Physics | Professor in Physics Department of  DY Patil College, Pune | Senior Professor – RAO IIT academy, Aakash Institute (Delhi & Mumbai) | Physics Lecturer RN Poddar School, Mumbai. He likes to make his students visualize, think and speak. His simple demeanor makes him approachable so that students can discuss their doubts in detail.  He has over 85% success rate for JEE and NEET aspirants across 22+ years of his teaching profession. He can be reached on: admin@purplewest.in

Dr. A. Gopalan | PhD in Quantum Physics from University of Michigan, an ex NASA space scientist. Most sought after sensei for IBDP and JEE/NEET top rankers. (Kindly note that Dr. Gopalan (now 72) has chosen to take a break from teaching, he continues to be our mentor and designs the programs and material for us)

Prof. Karuna Sharma |  M.Sc. – Microbiology (Gold Medalist) . She has conducted training sessions for CBSE and NCERT on innovative ways of teaching Biology. She has received multiple awards by various reputed institutions over last 20+ years. Her students turn out to be top rankers in JEE & NEET.

Prof. Rajendra Lokhande | M.Tech with over 20 years of teaching experience of teaching Mathematics to  IBDP, Cambridge IGSCE. He is popular amongst students across continents from Americas to South East Asia. Has over 90% success rate across JEE, BITSAT, AIEEE, SAT, ACT, GMAT and GED. Despite being busy he comes across as extremely patient and friendly teacher who influences and inspires students to get results through his subtle ways. He can be reached on Mathematics@purplewest.in

Mr. Bhanu Prakash | M.Tech- Embedded Systems | Undoubtedly the most rigorous teacher for Mathematics and Computer Languages. He is expert in innovative tricks that help students speed-up and enhance scores in competition.

Mr. Satwinder Singh | Expert in JEE Maths, has been a visiting faculty with Aakash and FIIT JEE

Mr. Jitender Narula | M.Com- Delhi University | Regarded as the best commerce faculty, he is the first choice of students aspiring to be the toppers and targeting premium institutions. He can be reached on: commerce5@purplewest.in

Ms. Ishita Singh | Alumna of Delhi University with an exceptional track record. Professionally trained in psychology with expertise in Social Science. Well versed with technology and modern, international ways of teaching, she goes an extra mile in making herself available when her students need her the most.

Junior Section:

Ms. Kanikya Rathna | Certified on International  teaching methodologies, she has worked with multiple international schools. Kanikya is an expert in child psychology and proficient teacher of Mathematics and computer programming

Ms. Nalini Chandra | Based in United Kingdom, she is a devoted Mathematics teacher. She is well versed with curriculum from various countries. She is experienced in teaching students of ages 6 to 16, internationally.

Ms. Himani Thakur | Professionally qualified in IB PYP and IGCSE, Himani has lived and taught in various countries. She specializes in teaching Writing, Reading and Numerical skills to young students.

Ms. Jhalak | Alumna of Delhi University and Alliance  Française de Delhi certified, Jhalak has natural talent to understand student psychology. She has proven skills in addressing varying needs of students. With over 3.5 years of teaching experience and her passion for languages, she goes an extra mile to tailor the content for each student.

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