Parent of Esha, Lotus Valley, Noida

“We never knew that our daughter had so much of creativity and academic talent. PurpleWest has enabled her to break her thought barriers and do extremely well in all her subjects. We are thankful to PurpleWest, perhaps the best decision of our life as parents”

Parent of Akshat, MVN Aravalli

Delighted to see that our son scored 100% in computers and Mathematics. Full credit to team PurpleWest who mapped his psychology very well and executed the right plan

Parent of Shambhavi, DPS Noida

“Enhancing creativity and out of the box thinking while covering the school curriculum is the best feature of PurpleWest, my daughter loves to study Maths, English and Science here”

Parent of Kushal, KFS Takanini, New-Zealand

“PurpleWest team customized the framework for my son, his attention span and confidence in Maths has gone up significantly. His school teachers are pleasantly surprised by his transformation. I am so thankful to team PurpleWest. I know that we are far from our ultimate goal but PurpleWest has helped us make a fantastic beginning. Their ability to collaborate with Kushal’s school here in New Zealand was really commendable. I would always recommend them. ”