One size doesn't fit all! We start by assessing the student and understanding their learning objectives, followed by meticulous planning and design of methods and material. The same is delivered through engaging and interactive 1:1 sessions with proficient teachers. Regular...

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We develop skills relevant for the future such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced coding, Communication, etc. The programs are designed and executed in collaboration with professionals from premium institutes across the globe. These age agnostic programs have attracted 100%...

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Well Qualified & Experienced Faculty supported by Psychology experts

Our USP lies with our TEACHERS who hold Post Graduate and PhD degrees from reputed institutions and are supported by a team of student psychology experts.  This ecosystem has exceptional track record of getting great RESULTS even from mediocre students....

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Learning is faster and efficient in 1:1 classes

Our research suggests that learning effectiveness drops rapidly as the size of tuition group increases. Studying even in small groups of 2~3 student reduces the effectiveness by as much as 40%. We therefore advocate tuition to be one-to-one with 100%...

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While our classes are personalized, our interactive programs for students of all age groups bring the best of interaction and collective thinking skills and offer students opportunities to interact with their peers across countries. Here are the glimpses of BRIGHTSPOTS,...

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What Our Customers Say

Our students show visible improvement in confidence within 2 months. Here is what their parents say

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