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Unique platform that amalgamates subject matter expertise with internationally acclaimed teaching methods and smart use of Technology to deliver world-class language learning  in a truly personalized manner

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A unique amalgamation of Technology and Personal Touch that addresses your unique needs while giving you freedom to study at your schedule.

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Team of teachers trained on world class teaching and course management methodologies.

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A thorough process that enables knowledge acquisition and confidence building, thereby opening doors of global citizenship

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Oh, such an improvement for my child in Hindi. All thanks to PurpleWest. Let me tell you about PurpleWest. It's a great online learning platform on which you can learn any language or subject! My son actually enjoys these classes! These can be in groups or personal as per our wish and timing can also change if necessary. I recommend you to switch to PurpleWest too.
From Parent of Monish
As a parent i was always worried about Sandeep’s Language learning but now thanks to PurpleWest I don't have to. PurpleWest is an online platform where you can learn any language or subject! There can be groups of maximum 5 students or your personal class. My advice to you is that if your child needs help in any subject or language, You should check it out!
From parent of Sandeep
At first Shambhavi was not able to speak proper and fluent English but as soon as she started taking classes from purplewest, she began to like English. Her spoken as well as written english boosted up\improved. Her teacher is like her friend . She enjoys the time with her tutor. I would like to thank PurpleWest for the support.
From Shambhavi’s Parent
Our daughter lacked confidence and interest in her subjects, so we were trying various service providers when we stumbled on PurpleWest. Honestly, we started as a short trial but ended up being their customer for 2 consecutive years. Esha has transformed from a mediocre student in Grade-8 to a 95% scorer in Grade-10. We started with PurpleWest for English and then they helped us with all other subjects i.e., Science, Maths, Hindi and Social Studies. PurpleWest Rocks.
Parent of Esha Agarwal
Our 8 year old simply loved studying with PurpleWest. Her confidence in spoken and written English is unbelievable now. Thank you team PurpleWest.
Parent of Eva Srivastava, HDFC School, Bangalore
Our 9 year old was very confident but not fluent. She made mistakes in written English but after joining Purplewest it was like the total opposite now. Thanks to the educator and the team of PurpleWest.
By Parent of Sehajpreet
Our daughter took a French Beginners program with PurpleWest and wow! What a great decision it turned out to be. Within a month, she was so confident in French that we enrolled her for the higher level programs.
Parent of Gurreet
Aryan studied French and won the prize for fastest learner. He was appreciated for his proficiency in French by his school also. His video is featured on PurpleWest YouTube channel too. Thanks to Jhalak ma’am and PurpleWest.
Parent of Aryan Kapoor
Our son is just 6 year old. We did an experiment by making him go through the French Beginners Program with PurpleWest. To our amazement, he was able to converse in French so fluently within a span of 1 month. Watch Aryan’s video:
Parent of Aryan Aggarwal, IB PYP Student
My son’s poor grades in French made me worried but now after joining purplewest he speaks and writes in french so smoothly! Thank you PurpleWest and Jhalak mam.
Parent of Guransh, Modern School New Delhi
Our playful and confident boy was pretty good at studies but he always told me that Spanish was not his cup of tea. We looked for so many tutors and had so many classes for him but he found no interest. But then Indeed a life changer class occurred when we reached Purplewest. Thank you so much Vanshika mam and team of PurpleWest.
Parent of Ayansh Aggarwal, GD Goenka, Gurugram
Aditya is a Mathematics person, doesn’t like studying languages but he has to for academic reasons. The personalized and flexible service of PurpleWest, gave him confidence and interest in languages. He scored very well in French and English, thanks to PurpleWest.
Parent of Aditya Tripathi, DPS
Akishita was not at all interested in studying but we kept trying finding her a perfect tutor but no good responses and finally we found PurpleWest. We were surprised to see her enjoying the class. Thank you purplewest and Harshita ma’am for bringing such a great change in her.
Parent of Akshita Tripathi, DPS
We live in the Netherlands, where English is not spoken well. Thanks to PurpleWest for taking care of our worries for Akshit’s grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Love you guys!
Parent of Akshit Aggarwal (IB PYP), Netherlands
We want Akshat to be multilingual as he has to migrate out of India. We struggled to find a good platform until we found PurpleWest. He not only knows Spanish and French now but also aspires to be a researcher of European culture. Thank you PurpleWest for showing him an alternate career path, which is likely to work much better for Akshat.
Parent of Akshat Chauhan, MVN Aravalli
French is a language which is pretty easy to learn but our 10 year old daughter was not able to learn it efficiently. We tried getting her tuitions but still no effects but then we found PurpleWest. She likes speaking French now All because of Her sweet tutor and the PurpleWest team. Thanks!
Parent of Nandita Sharma
I was getting transferred to Spain and I couldn’t understand a word there and it was hard getting an instructor but thanks to purplewest i can speak ‘n’ write spanish pretty easily. Therefore I advise you to start taking lessons . Muchas gracias!
Vlad Bay
Agrim became the youngest and quickest learner of foreign language in his age group. See what he learnt within 20 days : Kudos to team PurpleWest
Parent of Agrim Mittal